All-In-One Voice Changer 1.5 Crack + For Window MAC Free Download 2021

All-In-One Voice Changer 1.5 Crack + For Window MAC Free Download

All-in-one Voice Changer 1.5 Crack is an interesting audio app that can play prank calls online with your friends. When you talk to your friends through instant messaging tools like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or QQ International, you can change the tone of your voice in a fun way during a call. You can also use it as a dubbing tool to copy funny videos your way.

All-in-one Voice Changer Crack

All-in-one Voice Changer Crack Mac is based on the Skype voice changer from AthTek software, so they have the same interface. When you turn on the multifunction voice changer, you may be asked to confirm connections to instant messaging instruments. You can test your tone of voice to find your favorite voice pattern and use it on your call.

All-in-one Voice Changer Users can try out any of the selected voice tones and adjust the instrument to apply the effect they like best. Also, the software allows them to import audio file effects from their computers. You can also import an audio file and change your tone of voice.

All-in-one Voice Changer With Free Download 2021:

All-in-one Voice Changer Download the utility can be used with various messaging applications, including Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and QQ International, and can provide real-time voice changes with minimal effort. You may need to pay at some point to continue using the product or to use all the features. All-in-one voice changer was last updated on Dec 4, 2013, to version.

The program comes with support for changing the voice pitch of an audio file already present on the computer and allows users to export it to a new file. All-in-one Voice Changer MAC Users can also play the modified tone file before exporting to see if the changes are in line with what they want. Users interested in taking advantage of voice changes with Skype just need to download Skype Voice Changer. Those who just want to edit audio files can try Free Voice Changer.

The application allows users to import a variety of audio file formats, including wav, WMA, Ogg, FLAC, or mp3, but they can only export modified tracks in WMA format. During our tests, the utility worked quickly without putting pressure on computing resources. However, it took a little longer to export a large audio file after changing the pitch of the voice.

All-in-one Voice Changer Latest Version 2021:

All-in-one Voice Changer Latest Version, In conclusion, the all-in-one voice changer is a simple and easy-to-use application that gives users the ability to effortlessly change their voice tones when making voice calls online. It offers real-time voice editing functions but allows users to edit existing audio files and export them to WMA.

The audio file can be in * .wav, * .wma, * .ogg, * .flac, or * .mp3 file format. With a microphone, you can change and record your voice to a * .wma file. If you are looking for an app that can prank your friends, the multi-functional voice changer will be the best choice for you. If you just want to have a free voice changer, you can find another one on our official website.

Plus, it contains an easy way to change your sound while talking to your friend or partner. Being the best sound changer, it combines more than 42 voice parameters. Just click the button and choose the one you want. The Voicemod Pro Free license key has the ability to convert the voice from adult to children, Android, alien, aphonic, baby, muzzle, happy birthday, cave, central, cathedral, children to adult, police, chipmunk, crazy, CS • T, CS • CT, Dark, Kong, Dark, male to female, magic chords and more.

All-in-one Voice Changer Full Crack 2021:

All-in-one Voice Changer Full Crack the holidays with this program as it comes with various effects. The full version of the Voicemod Pro activation key offers all the premium features for life. Users can express their needs and use them in their events. The latest version improves the adult voice function. Nowadays, it is mainly used in PUBG games and people enjoy live streaming with it.

You can run Voice Changer All-in-One on all modern Windows operating systems. All-in-One Voice Changer is a software product developed by AthTek Software and is listed in the Communications category under Communication Tools. All-in-One Voice Changer Key is licensed as Shareware, which means that the software is provided free of charge to users, but may have limited functionality or limited time.

All-in-one Voice Changer Crack


  • The new professional interface uses standard Windows controls.
  • Extended file format support, including MP3 playback!
  • Backup / Restore all settings to a single file.
  • MorphVOX Pro key Better list management for all your voices and sound effects.
  • Plug-in support allows more functions now and in the future.
  • Multi-user support easily switches between speakers.
  • Plus many more!
  • Superior voice change quality
  • Click the links below to hear the superior voice change quality of the MorphVOX Pro.
  • From man to woman
  • Woman to man
  • The usual type of Galactic Overlord
  • Lich Lord Evil Laugh
  • demon
  • Cyborg Warrior
  • From man to woman in heavy traffic
  • Compatibility with many programs
  • MorphVOX Pro Crack voice changer software can be used with all online games, including World of
  • Warcraft, EVE Online, Second Life, Lord of the Rings Online, Everquest, Counter-Strike, Battlefield
  • 2, and more. It also integrates with VoIP and Instant Messaging programs such as Skype, Ventrilo,
  • TeamSpeak, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM, XFire, GoogleTalk, Roger Wilco, and many
  • more. In the studio, MorphVOX Pro integrates with multimedia applications such as Sound Forge,
  • Vegas, ACID, Audacity, alone, and many more.
  • MorphVOX Pro has many premium features that set it apart from other software products on the
  • market:
  • Advanced voice learning algorithms for the best quality sound
  • Full integration with online games and chat programs
  • MorphVOX Pro Crack Reduced bandwidth and CPU usage for excellent performance
  • A large library of free voice and sound effects packages
  • Backgrounds – sounds like you’re somewhere else
  • Add your own sound effects and backgrounds
  • Advanced voice tract filters for unlimited adjustments
  • After Effects: add environmental effects to your voice.
  • MorphVOX Pro Crack Quick Voices: switch the voice with a single keystroke
  • Quick effects: play any effect with a single button
  • Audio alarms: announce the time or play a clip.
  • Morph audio files or record your transformed voice into a file.

Top Best Softwares:


  • Easy editing
  • Quick and easy to repair
  • Supports sound quality
  • Low consumption system


  • Reduced language selection
  • The living voice does not change
  • Audio files have a limited format
  • There are many tools and plugins for audio editing.

What’s New?

  • Voice modifier.
  • Worldwide support for Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and QQ.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, and 8.
  • Support for importing Wave / WMA / Ogg / FLAC / mp3 files.
System Requirements:
  • CPU: requires a 1.0 GHz processor.
  • RAM: must have at least 512 MB of RAM.
  • Memory: 100 MB required for computer installation.
How to install?+ Crack with Keys
  • Download the latest link from the link below.
  • Please install the file
  • Please wait before installing it.
  • The file is now installed.
  • Enjoy.

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Activation Key:


All-In-One Voice Changer is a lightweight but very useful audio processing utility. which can help users disguise the actual pitch of the audio. Mask the real sound signature and convert it to a whole new sound. While many users can use this app for fun and games, such as changing voices while chatting online with friends, it can also be used for more serious uses such as giving narration. Private for home or school projects, or even hide the user’s true identity when talking to others online.

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